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To afford quality education for the production of responsible, disciplined and competitive human resource towards the society, nation and the entire world.


  • To ensure quality education.
  • To produce dynamic human resource in various disciplines.
  • To provide affordable and standard education for the society.
  • To maintain academic environment along with fair, clean and sound atmosphere. To enhance the physical facilities in the campus in accordance with time.
  • To develop student-friendly and fast service delivery institution with the installation of
  • information technology.
  • To make access of the economically challenged and marginalized students in the campus.
  • To create the opportunity of research oriented studies.
  • To maintain financially sustainable development.


To develop the campus as a model community campus with the opportunity of convenient quality education.


  • To Fulfil the demand of quality education
  • To proceed career development of human resources
  • To include marginalized groups in higher education
  • To launch employment oriented and vocational programmes
  • To develop coordination and co-operation between the campus and the community

Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this study is to identify the current position of the graduates of RBC after few years of the study. The specific objectives of this study are as follows:

  • To identify the current position of graduates of RBC i.e whether graduates are employed, self employed or still looking for a job or enrolled for further studies.
  • To assess relevancy of study on jobs of graduates of  RBC.
  • To assess the major strength and weakness of the programme and overall teaching learning environment of RBC.
  • To assess contribution of the programme to shape knowledge skill, and attitude of the graduates of RBC
  • To provide feedback, improvement of overall teaching learning environment based on RBC graduates expectation.