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Institutional Short Glimpse

Education is the backbone of a country. It shapes the life the citizen of the country. It is normally perceived as one of the most necessary entity which makes people more conscious, rational and tactful. It is important indicator of national development as development is possible only when the nation produces skilled human resources and academic scholars. Development histories of china, Japan and Singapore have already proved that development is possible with human resource even in the absence of other natural resources like minerals and oil.

Nepal has been practicing the concept of multi-university system since 1900 A.D to achieve broader national development goals and has been focusing on higher education in recent years. Before 1990 A.D, only two universities were in existence, Viz Tribhuvan University ( Established in 1959) and Mahendra saskrity University (established in 1985) After the restoration of democracy in 1990 A.D, Kathmandu University, purbanchal university and Pokhara University were established and these universities along with T.U and MSU have been delivering various academic and technical program along with the help of many affiliated colleges of different parts of the country. Moreover, government established loard Buddha University on 10 th November 2006.

Similarly Midwestern University and far western University were wstablished on 17th Jun 2010 in Nepal The aforementioned details prove that tremendous expansion in education has been taking place in Nepal to deliver higher education during the last three decades.

Due to the expansion of higher education delivery, University and affiliated colleges have been producing the increasing number of graduates on the one hand, and on the other hand educated unemployed rate has been growing in the country. This raises a genuine question that whether the current structure and pattern of higher education development could serve the community.