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Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Students endorsed by Campus administration and management committee to create peaceful and academic admosphere are as followings:


1. It will be bounden duty of students to abide by the code of conduct for students endorsed by campus.

2. Students should attend their classes and should maintain punctuality.

3. Students are required to maintain polite language, good bahaviour and decorum of campus uniform.

4. Alcoholism, drug adiction, smoking, chewing tobacco and chewing gum are strickly prohibited in campus permises.

5. Students are required to assemble in the morning period and greet lecturers and ancillery staff.

6. Students should enter the class room before lecturer and should stand until they are granted perssion to sit down and they should not come out before the class is over.

7. Cell phones should be switched off or mantained in silent mode during the classes.

8. Expensive jewelleries should not be used in campus, length of hair, hair style of boys should be formal and hair colour should be natural.

9. During leisure, stundents should engage in liberary, sports, project or any creative activities.

10. Students are demended to handle college property properly, should not scratch furniture and write on the wall. Loss, damage or disfigurement of articles by the students should be compensated.

11. Greenery should not be interfared and tress passing is strictly forbidden.

12. Except in meeting or programes organised under the permission of campus administration, students are not allowed to gather, shout, whistle and chant slogans.

13. Indicent behaviour towards the opposite sex will not be tolerated.

14. No students shall bring outsiders in the campus premisses.

15. Campaigns, prosessions and demonstrations should be conducted only in written permission.

16. Political agitation, riot and hooliganism are forbidden.

17. Ragging, teasing, insulting, harassing and intimidating to anyone on the bases of caste, creed, religion, sex and class etc. will be regarded offensive.

18. Any kind of malpractice during the exmination may lead to expulsion.

19. Students should make maximum contribution from their side to uplift the dignity and enhance the reputation of the campus.

20. Any activities against nation, national sovereignty and integrity are regarded unforgivable.